Cottage Remodel for Life at the FARM

We recently freshened up this cute little cottage, and I wanted to share it to inspire you, especially if you have a space you don’t absolutely love! We started by installing elegant, clean lines with batten boards to give character to the walls. It now is reminiscent of an old caretaker’s cottage. Then, we moved onto new flooring that felt like washed, aged oak, and began the journey to change the layout of the kitchen. 

Of course, you know my love for lighting fixtures, and we changed the one out above the table and throughout the little house for a brand-new look. It made a world of difference!

The dated bathroom had three mirrors, so we streamlined with two beautiful oval ones instead. we added vessel sinks, beautiful faucets, and new hardware. We also painted the cabinets a creamy white, and added dark hardware for a cottage look. And of course, you’ll see a touch of shiplap!

Above, you can see the dark, dated, and closed off space that was here before! What a big difference!

We added fresh dark lighting fixtures to get some nice contrast, more shiplap, some elegant marble counters, hardware, and newly painted cabinets! We framed into the mirrors and also re-did the floors in here. It’s hard to believe it’s the same space, but these changes made a big difference and now, it’s ready and filled with light!

Wallpaper! It’s back, in a big way! | Trends and Style Inspiration

“Ewwww.....wallpaper!” I hear that every now and again, from clients or friends who instantly envision grandma’s beige and red floral print, or a neon yellow and green seventies concoction. I’m here to tell you, wallpaper is back, and it’s certainly not the wallpaper from yesteryears! Wallpaper has historically been known to make spaces feel smaller, or clutter-y, and the heavy patterns and dull tones of old wallpaper (along with the horrible process of hanging it) has made most homeowners cringe at the mention of putting some back up! Let me introduce you to the new, beautiful, and modern wallpaper styles:

Photos:  Left Pam Cards Hallway | Middle Nicety Live Journal | Right Pam Cards Guest Room

Photos:  Left Pam Cards Hallway | Middle Nicety Live Journal | Right Pam Cards Guest Room

Rifle Paper: This artisan paper company has everything from gorgeous prints to their stunning, statement wallpaper. Whether you’re doing a small space, or a whole room (we love the idea of a small single wall for a big impact), their unexpected prints (like pineapples and bold florals) keep things polished but a little bit quirky. Find their whole wallpaper shop HERE.

Anthropologie: Ever our go-to for all things pretty and fun, Anthro always can be counted on for gorgeous wallpaper prints. We love their interesting takes on colors and textures, like this “Greenest Garden” style, which you can find HERE. Their “pergola” wallpaper, with it’s elegant blue and white color scheme would be so unique in an office, and offer a very classic feel. Be sure to measure carefully or have the installer measure for you before ordering so you know how much you need...the prices are pretty steep for paper, and you don’t want to buy and cut extra rolls!

Photo Amazon

Wondering how to hang your newly acquired purchase? We like this tutorial from This Old House, which although tedious, offers careful and precise directions. Not ready to make the jump to spendy, semi-permanent wallpaper? There are tons of adhesive wallpapers that peel right off...these would be ideal for apartments or rented homes, where you are not allowed to hang more permanent coverings. Would you believe the brick beauty above is temporary?? We found that piece at . It’s the perfect way to test out a print or theme.

Considering wallpaper? We would love to offer consultations on your personal space and how to incorporate this trend today! Contact us here

Shiplap Love | Trend Watch and Inspiration

Since the rise of Fixer Upper, the TV show that America has fallen in love with, shiplap has become a household name! The pretty technique of overlapping boards to form rustic looking walls has become the go-to for the perfect farmhouse look. The boards and the style are traditionally used as siding on exteriors of sheds and barns, but it looks amazing inside as well. Whether you whitewash it, or leave it natural, it can add a subtle cohesion to any room (yes, even a bathroom).  Joanna Gaines adds quite a bit of white shiplap to her project homes, but there’s a lot of other ways to use it to freshen up a space. Here are a few of our favorite inspiration photos:

Image via: Left- The Inspired Room | Right- Jenna Sue Designs

We love the calming blue tones and gray shiplap in the bathroom above; it makes us feel like we are at the beach! Not every room has to have a farmhouse look, though. Shiplap can even be incorporated into a much more modern look.

This was my favorite home on the Portland Street of dreams tour.  It is a mix of Farmhouse meets the Hamptons.  I love the mix of textures in the shiplap, marble countertops and flooring.  The added glow from the barn pendant light fixture keep it fresh and industrial. Here, the shiplap extends across the walls and is mimicked in the gray built-in-hutch. This is such a gorgeous take on the style!

Lastly, a beautiful take on shiplap in the kitchen, placed as the backsplash instead of the classic subway tile. The mix of white and brass keep the visual interest, and the stainless steel appliances add highlights as well as function. Did you know you can also fake the look of shiplap? If you’re on a tight budget, you can try faux shiplap like THIS blog did, with beautiful results (not as long-lasting as true shiplap, so beware if you’re trying to invest in a long term look). 

Recently, we are having shiplap run horizontal above a fireplace in a room with 20' ceilings.  In the same house, running down a long hallway, we have had a very tall wainscoting made out of vertical shiplap boards installed.  This is going to be the prettiest hallway ever!  The wainscoting will be topped with a beautiful patterned wallpaper in a neutral hue.  I will share photos from this house once it is all complete!

Love shiplap like we do? Where would you hang some in your home?

Love your Home this fall | Trend Watch and Inspiration

Pillow from Etsy

We love our summer whites around here, and the breezy, bohemian feel of the warmer months. But, Autumn is calling, and it’s time to get our homes ready! We are swapping out lightweight linens, crisp whites and citrus scents for the rich textures of fall, spicy candles, and rustic tones like oatmeal, pewter and burnt orange. Here’s our ideas to get your home ready for the crisper, cooler weather... just add a pumpkin latte and a good book!

Photos: Left & Right-Betsy Blue Photography | Middle: Pottery Barn

These richly toned pumpkin pillows will add a quick burst of fall colors to a neutral room without a ton of expense. The intricate panel on each pillow is velvet, and you know I am all about the mix of textures! You can find them right here at Pottery Barn. We also like this pumpkin pillow and it’s watercolor look (it would look great on a grey or taupe couch, or a big cozy chair. 

Nothing says “fall” like a big, woven basket. While Pottery Barn shows it filled with pinecones, we think this basket would be adorable filled with cozy throws! We love this cable-knit throw from Target (and it’s under $50) in the marigold color. Try pairing it up with a faux fur throw for a welcoming look.  Don’t forget your table decor...after all, that’s where you’ll be serving up fabulous treats for Thanksgiving and all your holiday parties this fall. We really love the terra cotta pumpkins from Ballard Designs...they’re unexpected and elegant in their own way, and they look stunning with mercury pumpkin accents for a nice contrast. Add in taupe linens and rustic pieces for the perfect centerpiece that will leave your guests raving! 

Photos:  Left-Restoration Hardware | Right-Pottery Barn

Fall Goodness for your Home | Recipes and Inspiration

My adorable family 5 years ago.  Photo by Tonya Poitevint Photography

As someone who loves community, family, and togetherness, I love when the seasons make their way into my kitchen. There is something so beautiful and rich about family gathered in the kitchen. It’s part of what I love about my home...the people in it, and the memories we are making. Today, I want to share just some of my favorite items for the kitchen, and one simply fabulous recipe for pumpkin scones! 

Photos: Left Olivia Leigh Photography | Middle Williams-Sonoma | Right Nikita Lee Photography

Williams-Sonoma Home is always one of my favorite places to find beautiful, lasting pieces for my kitchen. This season, you’ll find plenty of ivory and white pieces, anchored with plenty of fall colors like orange and sage green. I love this antique white platter for something like Thanksgiving, piled high with stuffing or rolls! I also found this gorgeous hemstitch tablecloth in the ‘pumpkin’ color, just right for putting all those lovely dishes on!

Photos:  Williams Sonoma

Of course, you’ll need some baked goodness to pile into your new dishes, so here’s our favorite recipe for pumpkin scones. Their slightly spicy, warm and crumbly texture will be just right for any fall gathering, and guess what? They taste pretty darn close to their Starbucks counterparts (shhhh...we won’t tell!). Here’s the easy recipe, courtesy of

Pumpkin Scones

2 cups all-purpose flour
7 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1⁄2 teaspoon salt
1⁄2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1⁄2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1⁄4 teaspoon ground cloves
1⁄4 teaspoon ground ginger
6 tablespoons cold butter
1⁄2 cup canned pumpkin
3 tablespoons half-and-half
1 large egg

Powdered Sugar Glaze:
1 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
2 tablespoons whole milk

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Lightly oil a baking sheet or line with parchment paper.
  2. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and spices in a large bowl. Using a pastry knife, fork, or food processor, cut butter into the dry ingredients until mixture is crumbly and no chunks of butter are obvious. Set aside.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together pumpkin, half and half, and egg. Fold wet ingredients into dry ingredients. Form the dough into a ball.
  4. Pat out dough onto a lightly floured surface and form it into a 1-inch thick rectangle (about 9 inches long and 3 inches wide). Use a large knife or a pizza cutter to slice the dough twice through the width, making three equal portions. Cut those three slices diagonally so that you have 6 triangular slices of dough. Place on prepared baking sheet.
  5. Bake for 14 to 16 minutes. Scones should begin to turn light brown. Place on wire rack to cool.
  7. Mix the powdered sugar and 2 tbsp milk together until smooth.
  8. When scones are cool, use a brush to paint plain glaze over the top of each scone.


Using Vinyl and Quotes to Enhance Your Space! | Ideas and Inspiration

Photo by Betsy Blue Photography

I’ve discovered that I have an affinity for using words to personalize your space. Words, scripture, and quotes can make your space your own, and help capture the personality of your family or your business! It can make a large statement without a ton of expense, as well, and you can now custom order things on places like Etsy. Whether you choose things like wooden quotes, vinyl die-cut words or names, or large initials, you can make a big impact! Here are a few tips for using these in your home or office:

Photo Left:  Betsy Blue Photography | Right:  Olivia Leigh Photography

Size Matters: Before you choose your letters or quotes, be sure to measure and considering your wall space. As you can see below, the oversized letters from Pottery Barn are quite oversized, and meant to be a focal point for an entire wall! They could easily look too “busy” or overwhelm a tiny space, so measuring would be key, whether you choose a small grouping or large initial. 

Practical is best for small spaces: If you are working with a confined or small space, opt for smaller letters that include little hooks, or place them on shelves. If they can serve double-duty, you’ll have a statement piece that also holds things like coats and hats. 

Vinyl Letters: These are a great way to add some pizazz to children’s rooms, rentals, or other space where they might need to be changed out rather soon. I have beautiful vinyl quote with song lyrics wrapped around a chandelier in my girls’ room. It’s so sweet and adds a personal touch. 

Photos Left & Middle:  Betsy Blue Photography | Right:  Pottery Barn Website

Trend Watch | Glass Elements

I have a bit of an obsession with beautiful glass cloches, used throughout the rooms of homes including my own! I wanted to talk today about incorporating glass elements into your home, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, they can add lots of visual interest and texture to your decor. They are also a fun and creative way to spend time with friends or your kids.  My girls love to add their "special" touches to many of our various sized cloches placed randomly around our home.  I will often find chicken feathers or rocks hidden under the glass!  During Halloween, we like to add black spiders or rats and at Christmas time, you will find bunches of mistletoe or spools of red velvet ribbons festively displayed.  

Photos by Betsy Blue Photography

 You can find really simple ones here at Pottery Barn for under $40 and they look amazing with plants underneath, or even vintage paper, as shown below. You can also snag plain ones without the bases on Amazon for around $16. Not all of them have to be tall and slender, there are wider, shorter glass cloches with bases that can be used for succulents, figurines, or candles (be sure to use candle safety when burning candles). 

Glass Cloches from Pottery Barn


I also love the look of adding a glass cloche to cake stands. The one shown above is marble and natural wood.    Cake stands can be used for actual baked goods of course, but are perfect on bathroom counters, holding soap or towels, and can be perfect holders for mismatched or loose, small decor pieces to add cohesion.  Cake stands can also be thrifted (vintage is awesome, as they are often sturdy), or found at yard or rummage sales. Even if your cake stands don’t match or have different styles, don’t be afraid to mix them into your decor and top with a beautiful cloche!

Elegant Florals and Brass | Style Inspiration

Florals have always come into design in various forms, through the years, but I am loving the soft elegance of this season’s vintage inspired florals. I dream of these soft floral in a neutral, chic office, playing off simple solids and shimmering brass. You can find some of the prettiest floral accessories at one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Company. We love their recipe cards and vintage recipe boxes (cooking has never looked so good!), and these beautiful notebooks. 

Office Photo from

This season has also brought us lots of watercolor inspired florals, and their soft, whimsical styles are beautiful in just about any room in the house where you want to incorporate color and print in a delicate way. We even love them in furniture, like the chair below, which has a neutral front and an unexpected, colorful printed back (similar here). A floral chair is a great way to add fun and youthfulness to a room, and can easily be swapped out later on for a completely different look. 

Watercolor florals also look beautiful when framed, as statement pieces on a wall. Etsy is an awesome place to find prints, and you can find brass toned frames at places like Pottery Barn and Michaels Craft Stores. Try hanging smaller ones in pairs, or go for a statement piece with a large framed art print. 

Floral Pillow |            Watercolor Wallpaper | Project Monica Hibb

It’s also super fun to balance out the florals and prints with other textures in neutral hues. Think woven baskets (above), and interesting wood stains/textures. It will add visual interest without adding another complex print. 

Floral Chair |

Urban Farming and Family | Lifestyle and Family

Nothing comes between a girl and her roo...

The words “Urban” and “Farming” might not seem like words that go together, but today, I want to share the details of what urban farming is, and why it works for our little family! Though we live in a city, we are able to grow produce and also raise chickens (and two roosters!). I love giving my kids the experience of having a farm and our own piece of land, while still living in close proximity to the city and amenities. 

If you’re thinking about urban farming, or hoping to begin this lifestyle yourself, keep in mind that you don’t have to start a large farm, or grow all your own food (though that is a really awesome benefit). In fact, the very definition of urban farming includes simply growing any sort of vegetables or raising animals.  Our property is just over an acre and we have managed to landscape in mostly edible plants.  We lined our driveway with peach trees, planted a mini vineyard, an herb & strawberry garden all in our front yard.  Our backyard we have planted Olive trees, a mini orchard, pumpkin patch and 2 vegetable gardens.  This season we also added a citrus grove.  We shall see how it does here in our Southern Oregon climate.

During the first and second world wars, many people grew their own food and helped the nation overcome desperate food shortages. Today, most people grow food, or pursue urban farming to have organic options, or to know where their food is coming from, free from GMO’s or harmful pesticides. In 2012, New York City opened their very own rooftop garden! The ideas behind urban farming center around community, resourcefulness, and a healthy lifestyle! There is something really beautiful about getting your hands in the dirt and growing vegetables and raising animals, especially for children. I love the fresh air and satisfaction of my very own garden.

I've also found a "new love" for our family pet chickens. I AM the crazy chicken lady (at least I am not the cat lady!).  We have 2 boys..Sweetie and Rosie (yes, both are roosters).  Sweetie has been packed around for 2 1/2 years by my now 11 year and Rosie is our blind rooster that you will often find me packing around.   He loves to stand by my side as I weed the garden!!


Summer Must Haves | Trend Watch and Inspiration

I love summer! With my innate love of whites, creams, neutral tones, and pretty textures, summer naturally lends itself to my personal style. It’s also the perfect time to add in pops of color and with the ample natural light, everything is brighter and cheerier. Here are our picks for practical, lifestyle pieces to make your summer style perfect!

Woven Market Baskets: I love the large market baskets I’ve seen around. You can use them at the farmer’s market, store blankets in them in a living room, or toss them onto your patio to hold clutter. This one from Etsy is one of my favorites! They also come in a variety of sizes, which makes them very practical as well as cute!

White linen: White linens are a quick way to add instant style and polish to any space. Whether you opt for a tablecloth, cloth napkins, or placements, they are not only pretty, but also environmentally friendly and easy to toss into the wash to clean. We like these easy pieces from The White Company.  They are light with a subtle texture.

The perfect summer tart: No party is complete without a beautiful, easy dessert. This beautiful lemon tart is a cinch, and you can follow the easy recipe here from Martha Stewart. A rustic, beautifully cooked tart is the perfect dessert to impress your friends and provide them with the perfect finishing touch to a home-cooked meal!

Rustic Lemon Tart and other Meyer Lemon Recipes via Martha Stewart

The cutest little berry basket in ceramic is the best table topper, ever! Add a tiny pop of color into a white table setting with these darling little berry baskets from Crate and Barrel, cast in sturdy ceramic. They are washable and hold more than just berries....we’ve seen them filled with flowers, lemons, leaves, and baked goods...You could group three or four of them together for a larger impact. 

What’s your favorite summer must-have?

Business Spotlight | Minery Rentals

Today, I’m so delighted to share with you a brand new venture, offering Southern Oregon and the surrounding areas exclusive access to incredible furnishings! "Minery Rentals was born out of a strong design to see more luxury, modern and unique world traveled treasures to the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas. We love well-traveled pieces that come with a story, but our priority is rooted in quality as well. We’ve had a huge response from the local community, and are so thrilled to be involved in the wedding industry on an even deeper level, as well as events, home staging and styled photo shoots.”, explains owner Betsy Tomasello, who launched the curated and unique brand in 2015. 

Photos by Olivia Leigh Photography

The rental inventory is available to anyone, and the target audience includes weddings, special occasions, corporate marketing events and conferences, and staging real estate properties. “We have a wide range of clients, and welcome inquiries for any type of rental need”, continues Betsy, "and we are happy to ship our items to pretty much any area. Just drop us an email with your event details for a custom delivery quote."

"We strive to make everything as simple and easy as possible. Clients can schedule a private warehouse viewing or stop by during one of our open houses to pick out their items. And, we are constantly updating our website to allow clients the ability to browse all of our inventory online as well! Reservations made in house or via email at just need a 50% deposit and a signed rental contract to reserve the items”, she adds. 

The rental service fills a void that was needed in Southern Oregon for beautiful, unique and high-quality pieces. Minery Rentals has a huge range of decor items including tabletop pieces, natural wood consoles, the highly coveted vineyard chairs, and a mix of high-end Restoration Hardware pieces, including some of their beautiful chandeliers.  

For more information,  please visit their website here. 

Hosting the Perfect Farm to Table Dinner Party

What better way to usher in summer sun, longer nights, and warmer temperatures than hosting a beautiful farm to table dinner? Gather up your friends and some good wine, and make it happen! We recently styled this gorgeous spread, and have a few tips for you as you plan your own!

-Be flexible: When working with local produce and farm-to-table recipes, you have to have a loosely planned menu in case an ingredient doesn’t pan out. Be flexible and keep your mind open to last minute changes.

-Prepare as much as you can ahead of time:  Mason jars and other glass containers can hold dressings, drinks, and other side items that you want to prep early on. You want lots of time with your guests, and fresh food is why you are there!

-Don’t forget seasonal drinks! We love the idea of a basil lemonade, or fruit infused waters to add some extra flair to your menu. Large glass drink dispensers look beautiful wreathed in greenery and filled with pretty waters!

-Send your guests home with goodies! We whipped up some little preserve jars with mini wooden spoons, and tucked them inside strawberry containers for a reusable favor. Other ideas would be recipes (especially for the foods you served that evening), glass jars, pretty dishtowels, or soaps from local artisans.

-Lastly, set the mood! Beautiful lighting and styled decor (of course we love the look of ample greenery, crisp whites and linens, and simple glass cups with twine and burlap mixed in) can help make your guests feel at home and welcome. If you’re interested in professional styling, give me a call!

How to Use Chalk Paint | Trend Watch

You guys! We have found the coolest paint ever! Painting things has been fun for a long time, so we get that we are not game-changers here, and this is not a particularly new trend, but this paint is pretty amazing. Meet “One step paint” from Amy Howard (available at Ace Hardware and here)

We love the Luxe Grey and Spa White colors for well, just about anything, but the brighter pops of color will look amazing against neutral decor, too. Best of all, there is virtually no prep reguired (other than gently cleaning your surface). You can bit sanding, priming and stripping farewell, because this stuff truly is one step. It even adheres to fabric, which opens up a world of possibilities (chairs, cushions!), as well as formica, metal and wood. On the Amy Howard website, you can find a whole bunch of transformations and ideas. 

photos from Amy Howard Home and 

The Amy Howard blog has an excellent tutorial on painting fabric to make a custom floorcloth here, and we have found some of the best Pinterest tutorials on using chalk paint below:

How to Paint Cabinets (video)

How to paint fabric (video)

How to wax and distress projects

Chalk paint for beginners

Have we given you some inspiration?? It’s just about yard sale season here in my corner of Oregon, so I might be heading to get myself some paint to bring some of those worn out pieces I find back to life!

Incorporating Beautiful Lighting into Your Home

The other day, I was thinking about how much of a difference that quality, beautiful lighting makes in your home. It can change the whole feel of a space, and add warmth and style in a way that even furniture cannot. I love quality lighting pieces, and some of my favorite pieces come from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. I know we often talk about affordable pieces here on the blog, and those two retailers are definitely not known for being the most affordable. But lighting is one of the areas I personally believe you need to invest in pieces that can withstand the test of time!

This Rope Filament Collection from Restoration Hardware is stunning. The sturdy piece will last and last, and will overcome changes in decor and paint to look beautiful for years. The classic styling will pair well with a farmhouse style decor for contrast, and with pretty neutrals and whites. You can find it here.

You can also make a big impact with key, smaller pieces like this table lamp from Restoration as well. The vintage mercury glass base pairs well with modern pieces, as well as multiple furniture finishes, making it another piece that you can easily use for years.

Pottery Barn is slightly more affordable, especially if you may want to change your decor before several years have passed. I love this six arm chandelier piece that has a rustic charm. You can use it indoor or outdoor, and it is beautiful and classic. It would pair best with items close to the “Fixer Upper” style we have been showing you recently.

This pretty piece would be right at home in a bedroom or sitting room, with it’s intricate inlay design. The subtle texture is not overpowering, but also adds interest to the surroundings. I’d love to see it with neutrals and pretty rustic wood furniture. 

Making Your Outdoor Space More Cozy | Trend Watch

With crisp Spring weather peeking out from behind the clouds in my area of the country, I’m getting excited for warmer days and spending time outdoors. Although I love creating indoor spaces and relaxing rooms for families and businesses, I also love making outdoor spaces inviting and fun.  Here are some great, curated pieces, as well as where to find them. By drawing inspiration from these items, you can make your personal outdoor space inviting, relaxing and practical. 

Start with solid furniture pieces

I love the look of this Pottery Barn chair, but the price tag can be a bit hefty, especially if you want to seat a number of guests in your backyard or patio. I also like this Target option, which is well under half the price, though it is lighter color and has a slightly more rounded design. Don’t overlook places like vintage resale shops, Goodwill, and online special sale sites like Wayfair and Zulily for other great pieces.

Mix High and Lower End Decor for an Eclectic, Affordable Look

Target also has a whole collection of Farmhouse-inspired decor this year, for their outdoor collections, and it’s really beautiful! With pops of color and light teal, it manages to be affordable but not look too cheap. I love this pillow, which falls at less than half of Pottery Barn’s cute pillows. You can mix and match high end and low end pillows for a great look that is more affordable. 

Target also has a huge collection of wooden trays, and canvas seat cushions to add some flair to your space, so don’t forget to check there. Rugs, lanterns and umbrellas can add color and texture and ultimately, make even a concrete patio more inviting and warm.  A few strands of twinkle lights can also add a fun ambiance.

Look for inspiration:

I love drawing inspiration from places like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and other high end decor stores. Although this image has a few more modern elements than I normally veer to (I love the more french styles and farmhouse/shabby chic), you can see the way the rug and varied wood textures really pull the look together. This would look great in a small or large space and still feel intimate. (Image via West Elm, furniture and decor via West Elm), you can shop the look here. Pinterest is also a great way to visualize how an outdoor space might be best set up.

And, don’t forget that I’d love to come help you style whatever area of your home needs a polished touch. Give me a call today!

Paris Dreaming | Styled Shoot


Just the mere mention of Paris evokes elegance from a bygone era, elegance we hoped to channel for this stylized shoot that took place in the heart of the romantic city. We set up at the historic Grand Salon of the Shangri-La Hotel in France. The beautiful room, with it’s gilded decor and luxury feel was the perfect place for a bride to ready herself for her big day. Her gown (a lace number by Claire Pettibone) was flattering and perfect, and was a true work of art. To achieve a classic French bridal look, hair and makeup artist Marina carefully added neutral tones and a chignon to our already-stunning bridal model. 

In addition, we are featuring florals by Estelle Preston, who used some of France’s most beautiful flowers, like garden roses in quiet blush tones. Everything was rounded out with polished and elegant details, like a custom invitation suite, and a trousseau box which was a traditional place for a bride-to-be to keep her favorite heirlooms. Backed by the views of the city, and the Eiffel Tower, this Parisian shoot swept us away to romance. 

Photography: Anna Grinets Photography
Design & Styling: Terrie Day, Allure With Decor
Gown: Claire Pettibone
Shoes: Emmy London
Flowers: Estelle Preston
Model: Clara Eon
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, France
Makeup and Hair: Marina G Makeup
Gold Wreath & Napkin Rings: Pretty in Paint
Tiara & Bracelet: Joyfolie
Stationary: Plume Calligraphy & Design ( Trousseau box: Trousseau & Co (by Joy Proctor Design) 

Sparkle and Shine | Featured on Ruffled | Weddings

A romantic field tucked in the heart of the Applegate Valley, made for the perfect backdrop for this sparkle-filled styled shoot. I styled this gorgeous, gold-hued shoot with Rebecca Masters Photography recently (scroll down for full list of vendors). The bridal model wore a stunning, sequined Badgley Mischka gown, and layered a delicate tulle skirt over it from BHLDN, that gave her the versatility of two gorgeous looks with just two pieces. The vineyard shoot featured touches of the woodland outdoors (like the moss tucked in around the cake), with rustic pieces like the table and chairs. Then, I added subtle hints of gold to accentuate her shimmering gown, and to elevate the wood pieces. The overall look was elegant but grounded.




















Celebrating Love Month | Decor and Holidays

No matter how you choose to celebrate love month, it’s always fun to freshen up your space with Valentine themed decor! We are drawing inspiration from some of our favorite weddings today on the blog, and helping you find pieces to add into your holiday decor. 

Remember this farmhouse style, blush themed affair? We loved it so much, and we think you can bring some rustic touches into your house with just one cute piece! These cute glass jars are adorable, and you can tuck just a few little pink roses inside to create a rustic look! And, you can swap out flowers or stems to create a look for every holiday (we think evergreens and berries would be perfect for Christmas).

We are also still inspired by this wedding by the river, where gold and pink made bride Nicole’s wedding dreams come true. Gold is making a total comeback on the design scene, where once people deemed it too “dated”. Now, delicate gold can accompany blush or pinks for a cute valentine’s theme any time of the year. To incorporate some gold tones, try this gallery set from Pottery Barn, with it’s pretty gilt edges, it’s a subtle and elegant way to add some shimmer to your space.

How are you adding in pinks and apricot to your decor? We’d love to see your inspiration photos, or decor!

Crater Lake Resort | Creekside Wedding

Are you ready to cozy up in a cabin in the woods? We are! In fact, the chilly temperatures of winter and the beauty of the pacific northwest were what inspired us to put together this incredible session. We layered sprigs of evergreens with cheeky buffalo plaid and rustic wood to piece together the table settings. With the perfect fire stoked and waiting in the cabin, and antlers and pinecones scattered throughout, we just couldn’t get enough! This charming rustic wedding ceremony took place on the creek at the Crater Lake Resort, and every guest was invited to stay in cabins rented by the lovely couple. All throughout the decor and the ceremony, there were heartfelt touches of beauty and personality, like the artisan, cable-knit blankets that the bride’s mother made by hand, or the vintage glasses from her grandmother. The couple had an outdoor creekside ceremony,Are you ready to cozy up in a cabin in the woods? We are! In fact, the chilly temperatures of winter and the beauty of the pacific northwest were what inspired us to put together this incredible session. We layered sprigs of evergreens with cheeky buffalo plaid and rustic wood to piece together the table settings. With the perfect fire stoked and waiting in the cabin, and antlers and pinecones scattered throughout, we just couldn’t get enough! This charming rustic wedding ceremony took place on the creek at the Crater Lake Resort, and every guest was invited to stay in cabins rented by the lovely couple. All throughout the decor and the ceremony, there were heartfelt touches of beauty and personality, like the artisan, cable-knit blankets that the bride’s mother made by hand, or the vintage glasses from her grandmother. The couple had an outdoor creekside ceremony, followed by a heart-warming (literally) reception and s’mores celebration by the bonfire. After they said “I do”, the guests released wishing lanterns into the night almost set the trees ablaze, but was simply stunning!  This was the perfect day, and all the kisses, candlelight, and comfort made me want to stay forever!