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Trend Watch | Glass Elements

I have a bit of an obsession with beautiful glass cloches, used throughout the rooms of homes including my own! I wanted to talk today about incorporating glass elements into your home, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, they can add lots of visual interest and texture to your decor. They are also a fun and creative way to spend time with friends or your kids.  My girls love to add their "special" touches to many of our various sized cloches placed randomly around our home.  I will often find chicken feathers or rocks hidden under the glass!  During Halloween, we like to add black spiders or rats and at Christmas time, you will find bunches of mistletoe or spools of red velvet ribbons festively displayed.  

Photos by Betsy Blue Photography

 You can find really simple ones here at Pottery Barn for under $40 and they look amazing with plants underneath, or even vintage paper, as shown below. You can also snag plain ones without the bases on Amazon for around $16. Not all of them have to be tall and slender, there are wider, shorter glass cloches with bases that can be used for succulents, figurines, or candles (be sure to use candle safety when burning candles). 

Glass Cloches from Pottery Barn


I also love the look of adding a glass cloche to cake stands. The one shown above is marble and natural wood.    Cake stands can be used for actual baked goods of course, but are perfect on bathroom counters, holding soap or towels, and can be perfect holders for mismatched or loose, small decor pieces to add cohesion.  Cake stands can also be thrifted (vintage is awesome, as they are often sturdy), or found at yard or rummage sales. Even if your cake stands don’t match or have different styles, don’t be afraid to mix them into your decor and top with a beautiful cloche!

Decor Trend Watch | Bathrooms

                                                   Left : Natural White Oak Plank Flooring | Middle:  Pottery Barn Holden Bath Accessories | Right: Terrie Day's Master Bath

When you're decorating your bathroom, you have to consider who will be using it (should it be kid friendly? Great for guests?), in order to choose the best and most stylish accessories that will work for you. We went to one of our favorite stores, Pottery Barn, which we love for their classic, tasteful stylings, for the best in new bath decor!

Stripes, always timeless, set the stage for a classically styled bathroom. The charcoal and white curtain, when paired with crisp whites and dark wood, is beautiful, and would be beautiful in a guest bathroom. The simple look requires little upkeep, and will stay nice for years without major renovations to the style. The curtain would look beautiful with additional white accessories like these.  

For a children's bathroom, where items will take more wear-and-tear, you can still find stylish and pretty decor that will withstand toddlers and kids! For girls, we LOVE this shabby-chic inspired ruffle curtain from Pottery Barn. We would add in some simple bath mats to absorb bath time splashing, and maybe even this adorable footstool for those little ones reaching the sink! For the little guys, or a unisex bathroom, we would love this navy henley stripe shower curtain that would polish up any family bathroom.

For the master bath, a place of refuge and peace (hopefully!), we would choose this pretty, delicate grey and cream pattern curtain. Paired with pewter accessories and all-white linens, it would feel like a day at the spa! Grey is so soothing, but you could add in pale blues or teal greens to add some color and life to it, if your bedroom is also neutral hues. West Elm also has some gorgeous candles, similar to Anthropologies, that would work well in a soothing bath environment. This scent is amazing!

We would love to help you put together a bathroom you love! Contact us today for more information (please bear with us as our website undergoes changes).