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Handy Guide to Hanging Decor on the Wall

We have all done what I call “eyeballing”…enthusiastically hammering nails into bare walls without measuring, only to discover the item was in the wrong spot, the hanger on the back was in the wrong area, or it’s too low or high on the wall. But who has time to sit and painstakingly measure every bit of photos or artwork? Today, we are sharing our handy tips to hang your beloved photos and art on the wall, without losing your mind!

-Know where it should be: Artwork and decor should ideally be at eye level for the average adult. Many people place their art and decorations much higher, especially with high ceilings, which ends up looking awkward and disproportionate. The bottom of most artwork shouldn’t be much higher than four feet away from the ground.

-Do a trial run: You can test out where you may want to hang a picture or artwork by using sticky, removable adhesive or the removable 3M hangers to see if it’s right. This is much less permanent than a nail and can be moved around until you are happy with it. Mark the top of your frame or item with a pencil that can be erased.

-Measure: Yes, you do have to measure. We recommend measuring the top to bottom and the left to right on the wall or space you are hanging on, to find the center. Mark lightly with a pencil. Most importantly, measure the distance from the top of the frame to your hanger, if there is one on the back. This will ensure that you are not one or two inches off the top of the measurement. If you have two hangers on the back, measure to find the center and both edges so that they are equal.

-Ask a helper to hold it on the wall before you hammer! If you can find someone to hold up the photo or artwork on the wall where you intend to hang it, then you can step backwards and make sure it looks right from all angles. Walk around the room to make sure you can view it accurately and with your other decor. Treat a grouping or a gallery wall as one image, in order to achieve the correct look and impact.

Source: Contemporist

Source: Contemporist