There’s a reason that Paris is the epitome of beauty, fine art, and style; the effortless charm seeps through everything, and we wanted to capture that feel with our shoot. We styled this modern parisian shoot with a few hints of bohemian flair, and kept it light and airy with colors like cream, blush, and gold. We anchored those breezy colors with touches of black. Our gorgeous model looked Paris-ready with her polished curls and ethereal headpiece. We wanted to capture the feel of an anticipatory bride awaiting her groom on the streets of one of the most romantic cities in the world…it almost feels like you have been swept right off to parisian streets, doesn’t it?


We also added lots of tulle to keep the airy feel, and to create the feeling of being weightless and fanciful. The tulle epaulets on the dress added a bit of fairy-tale romance, and balanced out the darker elements like the black and gold centerpieces. The gently curved and horizontal bouquet was dramatic but not too polished, and we kept the makeup on our model full of pouty pinks and delicate definition. 

Venue: Ashland Springs Hotel | Styling: Allure with Decor |  Photography: Olivia Leigh Photography Props and rentals:  Studio Decor | Wine glasses: Dr Lucille Ball | Gowns: Elizabeth Dye | Florist: Penny and Lulu | Bridal Accessories: Lacielle Roselle | Videography: Rebecca Masters Photography | Makeup: Janice Moon | Pre' de Provence products: Chris Wilkey