Fresh and New for Easter! Springtime Tablescape

Here at our family’s little farm, it feels like Easter year-round! I love it, because Easter and springtime always make me think of changes, and of new-ness. I love that the flowers are all beginning to bud, and the grass gets tall enough to hide those sweet little pastel eggs that the chickens are just beginning to lay. I find that my springtime inspiration creeps into my decor and purchases, as well. As you well know, a beautifully set table is something I am passionate about. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it makes me feel accomplished and inspired. I wanted to break down how I set a welcoming springtime table today!

Source: Rooms for Rent via Pinterest

Source: Rooms for Rent via Pinterest

-Start with a base layer:  Whether you have a butcher block style table, or one that you enjoy laying down a tablecloth on, start with a clean, uncluttered table. Clear everything off of it, and polish it if necessary. Don’t forget to wipe off any furniture polish with a clean cloth and buff a a wooden table down so your guests don’t get a sleeve of oily polish! If you’re using a tablecloth, always opt for a pretty neutral (taupe, white, cream). 

-Add some height: I like the idea of varied heights in order to draw the eye around the table. Of course, try not to add too many items, because you’ll need room for people to pass food around or place large dishes on the table for serving. If you have too many large centerpieces, it can feel cluttered and not relaxing. Some ideas for taller pieces would be wooden candleholders, glass cloches, or potted plants on tiered stands.

-It’s time for the dishes! I recommend that everyone own one set of quality, neutral dishes. Whether you choose white, taupe, or another simple tone, pretty dishes will be something you use for years and years to come. If they’re well-made, they may stay around for generations to enjoy, so make sure you buy plenty of place settings as your family grows. Decide what’s needed based on your meal and add soup bowls or salad plates accordingly. I also recommend some plain drinking glasses or Champagne flutes, depending on your audience!

-Add your personal touch: I love fresh greenery on a lovely brunch tablescape, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your place settings. Consider hand-calligraphies place-cards, little sprigs of rosemary or other fresh herbs, or mini greenery wreaths at each place setting. Little strips of burlap can be maneuvered into silverware rings for a rustic and classic farmhouse look, and you can also tuck little sprigs of greenery into those. 

Now, your table is ready for your guests! Happy Easter!