Want to book an event with us?

Our family farm is one of our favorite places to be, and we are so excited to be opening up our cottage to the public as a rental! No matter what kind of occasion you are needing a space for, we can’t wait to watch you make memories with us here at Sweet Rose Farm. We have been hard at work curating the perfect space for you and your loved ones. Here are just some of the things we hope it’s used for…

-AirBnB: If you or your family members are looking for a peaceful and cozy place to call home for a stay, this is the place for you. Our beautiful rental can accommodate up to six guests, which makes it ideal for small gatherings, or to spoil family members who are here for events like weddings or family reunions. We give attention to the smallest details to make your stay relaxing and stress-free. If you are local, consider using the AirBnB just to sneak away with your spouse for a mini-getaway! 

-Weddings: We will be opening our beautiful space for weddings, and our sweet cottage will be available for brides who book with us. The bridal party will feel pampered and peaceful as they prepare for such a big occasion. It’s the perfect space to hide away before your guests arrive, and truly savor your incredible wedding day. 

-Boudoir and photoshoots: Soon, our stunning property will be available for booking if you are a photographer. That means you can host mini sessions or marathon boudoir shoots, which will make your clients feel at-ease in a private and lovely setting. Boudoir sessions will have the unique aspect of privacy as well as the amazing beauty a farm will offer. We will also be offering availability for photographers who wish to utilize the setting for business branding photoshoots. 

-Education and Classes: If you’re wanting a place to teach or hone your craft, consider bringing your students to a class on the farm! It’s ideal for cooking classes, writer’s workshops, arts and crafts workshops, floral arranging classes, and more. Our space will be available for rental, and you can teach to your heart’s content. What better place to clear your head and explore your creative side?

For more booking information, click HERE. (All images by Betsy Blue Photography)