Fall Color Schemes and Mood Boards

Have you ever made a mood board? They are an amazing tool, especially if you are decorating for a new season, or re-doing a room in your home. I really like using them when remodeling, or to help me get a more cohesive look for a tablescape or shelf display. Here’s a few tips on making a mood board that you can truly use:

Source: Pottery Barn

Source: Pottery Barn

-Decide what you’ll use your mood board for: There are several types of mood boards, and some are just for aesthetics. An aesthetic mood board would be something that you’d want to look at for inspiration, but may not use practically, or that would include actual items or colors. For example, an aesthetic mood board for a home might include examples of a farmhouse home, textures and colors that the homeowner likes, and a few pieces of hardware that could work with the look. While it may not have tangible products on it that you want to include on your home, it will keep the look foremost in your mind. A practical mood board could include links to products you’ve already chosen or bought, or photos of things you already own. It also works well with paint colors. 

-Decide what you want to accomplish with it: Do you want to use your mood board to guide purchasing, to help a client, to keep you on budget, or to stay inspired? These are all great options for using one, and they can truly help every purpose. I have used them for all of these reasons, and when it comes to decorating for a new season, I often let them help guide my purchasing when I’m out scouting for a few new pieces. This season, I am creating some as I decorate for the fall and harvest season, and heading into the holidays. Some of my favorite colors this season are the pretty shades of Terra Cotta, pretty dusty blues, and copper tones, so they have all made their way into my most recent mood boards:

Copper and Mango Wood Bowl: This Pottery Barn find is pricy, but will last for years and years. It will also move through the seasons, depending on how you style it, and I am already dreaming up ways to style some florals inside of it.

This beautiful rug: This stunning rug is also from Pottery Barn, and comes in a gorgeous hue of Terra Cotta, as well as a medium blue/grey. It is thick, substantial, and will really warm up a room with tile or hardwood, making it seem softer and more cozy. Not only that, but it will keep your toes physically warm, too!

This set of beautiful blue vases: Another investment piece, this set of vases is just beautiful. You can buy them separately or together, but we love them when they’re filled with simple eucalyptus or wooden stems. They also look amazing with olive branches.

Looking for something a bit more affordable? This terra cotta pot is under $30, and will bring the look of fall to your porch or backyard. It’s one of our favorite items from Magnolia lately, and it looks just right with a potted mum plant inside of it. 

If you’re looking for paint inspiration, look no further than these mood boards from Jolie Paint. The Aussie color scheme is a bit brighter than most of my autumn decor, but they are gorgeous and can help you shape what you want to accomplish in your own home. And, don’t forget that Allure with Decor is a retailer of these stunning paints!