Decorating a Dorm Room | Trends to Watch

Dorm rooms are notorious for being ugly, stocked with immoveable furniture, and dingy walls. But there are now so many cute ways to decorate your dorm room, that ugly is so yesterday. We ran to one of our favorite retailers, Pottery Barn of course, and found the best dorm decor that is functional and fabulous.


These solid colored bins with piped edges are ON SALE (hooray!), and they are a great way to store things under a bed lifted up on risers. You need all the storage you can get, and these sturdy boxes hold a ton! They come in a ton of bright colors, but we like the neutrals for a streamlined look. Large ones can hold clothes, sports equipment, and books, while the small ones can stow power cords and DVD's. Snag a few extra for binders, papers, and documents!


This amazing little caddy attaches to your bed, and can hold slippers, papers, books, or even shoes like flats and sneakers. It's a space saving way to store flat-type  items. You can find these here.


We know this bedding set looks a little luxurious for a dorm room, and we are pretty sure it is a bedroom pictured, not a dorm! But, it's gorgeous, and it will surely last you four years with it's high quality and washable features. It comes with matching shams, but you could swap those out for something more affordable from Target in a solid navy. We also like the clean, chic look of this one. 

Want more dorm room ideas? Stay tuned to our blog!