Trend Watch | Faux Windowpanes

Have you seen the fun faux windowpanes popping up in decor lately? They’re so cute, and I’ve been dreaming up ways to incorporate them into my styling. I noticed them on HGTV’s Fixer Upper recently, where stylist Joanna Gaines used them to liven up one of her renovations. She always has great taste, and I’ve seen her add them in, mixed with greenery and other accents to work with the distressed wood. With this trend, you can do anything from a subtle photo frame with a windowpane style, to a full, vintage window with the glass removed. 

You could use a simple photo frame like this floating windowpane one from Target like this one (for under $35!) to bring a subtle touch of the french inspiration to your home, or you could scour salvage yards for real vintage windows and bust out the glass panes. Make sure, if you find old windows at thrift stores or yard sales, to watch for shards of glass and splinters. Sand down rough edges and make sure it’s safe before mounting with heavy duty hardware!

You can also incorporate them into wedding or event decor! It takes a bit more planning and effort, but they can be hung as a beautiful backdrop for photos, or for a styled birthday or baby shower. Make sure you hang them from a strong beam or support so your guests don’t end up with one on their heads! Lastly, you can try a faux window as an alternative to a headboard! I saw this recently, but the example did not use a vintage window (I don’t think that would feel very nice to lean up against!), but they had a custom one made that looked like a windowpane. 

How would you use this trend?