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Ah, the tween bedroom! That difficult stage where little kid decor doesn't make the cut, but it's not


quite right to transition into neutrals and subtle tones! Not to mention the costs of outfitting a room your child may outgrow rapidly; we are here to show you affordable, attractive and fun places to shop to make the most of your budget and the tastes of your pre-teen. Meet the tween room, and our techniques for decorating it to suit these transitional years:

First, always get the input of your pre-teen. Though you may cringe at their choices, like a zebra and hot pink themed room, or camouflage everywhere, helping them invest in the room will make it a place they want to be. Perhaps you can incorporate a zebra print pillow, or a subtle animal print lamp rather than a whole wall covered in the theme. We love Pottery Barn Teen for items both parents and their spunky kids can enjoy, and decor that you will love having in your home.


Check around for similar pieces that won't break the bank: This bright and cheery quilt is so pretty, and something that is both fun but also aesthetically pleasing. With pretty white linens, it can be the focal point for young lady's room and can move easily into a teen room. If the $169 price tag is too steep, consider choosing a bright and beautiful throw pillow selection from the pricier store, and opting for a fun, colorful quilt from somewhere like Target. This affordable chevron quilted cover comes in four solid colors and could be matched with Pottery Barn throw pillows.

Get your hands dirty (and enlist the help of your kid!) DIY projects are only rising in popularity, and you can find a litany of awesome items for dirt-cheap at places like Yard Sales and Goodwill. By using correct paint and primer (we recommend asking an experienced DIY'er rather than doing random projects off Pinterest), you can turn outdated items into affordable pieces that your child will feel attached to because they had a hand in creating them. Some good ideas for DIY's are: lamps, frames that can be turned into chalkboards or artwork displays, wooden chairs, and trinket items like jewelry boxes and mirrors.

No matter what you choose, we can help you put it all together. As one of Southern Oregon's premiere interior designers, we do projects of every size, including teen bedrooms, and if you have a vision but aren't sure how to execute it, we would love to help you. Contact us today at 541-301-6374!